Create Moment - Summerism

Founder CCWU was born and live in a country where 365 days is summer. He is Passion for travel photography and shares happiness with a bunch of friends and family.

In 2015 he decided to create his own custom made apparel product. It was inspired by his experience of making a tee shirt for a trip with a group of friends. From the design, material, and experiment. They were having so much fun and excited toward the result. This event has added so much fun and memory before the trip started. (he also met a girl during this trip and become his wife a.k.a the helper of everything for this store)

  From then he realizes a special tee shirt is capable of creating extra excitement and better memory toward the people and event. As well the tee shirt is long lasting, practical and the best souvenir. This has driven him to make something to spread the excitement and happiness over the country and worldwide.

Took 2 years of funding, research, and development he has finally established - Summerism. Summer is about holiday, fun, summer break, trip with family and friend. There will be sweet and bitter experience marked the memorable season. And this is what Summerism about.

CCWU has Create SUMMERISM in summer 2017 to spread love, what's yours?